By Leslie Terjesen on Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Ocean County Freeholder Deputy Director Gerry P. Little, Liaison to the Ocean County Board of Health, said, “As we take the time to purchase gifts of our children over the holidays, beware of the dangers of electric toys.  They can be extremely hazardous if improperly used, used without supervision, or not properly designed or constructed.  There are many dangers from electrical toys such as electric shock, burns, and a wide variety of mechanical hazards.”


Daniel Regenye, Ocean County Health Department (OCHD) Public Health Coordinator, stated, “Do not buy an electrical toy, or any toy, for a child too young to use it safely.  Check the age recommendation on the shelf package but remember that this is a minimum age recommendation.  Just because it may be labeled, “Not Recommended for Children under 8 Years of Age,” does not mean that every child who is 8 years and older is mature enough to operate it.  Make sure you take the child’s capabilities into account.  The Health Department is offering the following tips regarding use of an electrical toy:”


Read the instructions and then read them with your child and make sure your child understands them.

  • Keep instructions in a safe place.
  • Supervise the use of any electrical product.
  • Be sure that the plug of an electrical product fits snugly into wall outlets. No prongs should be exposed and teach children to disconnect after use by grasping the plug.
  • Keep infants and toddlers out of the area where an electrical toy is being used.
  • Store all electrical toys immediately after use in a dry storage area and out of reach of younger children.
  • Be alert for broken parts, frayed cords or damage to enclosures of wiring.
  • Only adults or older children should replace a light bulb on an electrical toy and make sure it has the correct wattage.


The Ocean County Health Department website offers Toy Safety Alerts on its homepage at from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Follow the Health Department of Twitter@OCpublichealth or like us on Facebook.