April 26, 2018
Making Sure Swimming Water is Clean
June 7, 2018


As we approach Memorial Day Weekend, we are again reminded of the incredible sacrifice made by members of our armed forces which allow us to enjoy the “official” start of summer. Freeholder Director and Board of Health Liaison Gerry P. Little remarked: “It is with immense gratitude that we should pause to remember those who willingly gave their lives so that all Americans may enjoy the freedoms prominently on display as Ocean County welcomes the start of the summer season.” “With freedom comes the responsibility to protect ourselves and our environment,” continued Freeholder Director Little, “and I therefore encourage all residents and visitors to Ocean County to insure this summer season kicks off in a healthy fashion for all to enjoy.”

According to Ocean County Health Department Public Health Coordinator Daniel E. Regenye, there are many small things people can do to protect their health and environment this time of year. “Whether you’re heading to the beach, the boardwalk, a lake or a backyard picnic, be sure to cover up to protect your skin against sunburn and pesky bug bites.” Regenye continued: “As your first line of defense, shirts, hats, shorts and pants provide the best protection from both UVA rays and insect bites and your arsenal should include a long-sleeved, light-colored shirt, long pants, a wide brimmed hat, sunglasses to block UVA radiation and SPF sunscreen lotion to block both UVA and UVB rays.” Public Health Officer Regenye continued by reminding residents to thoroughly clean and inspect grills before lighting and to have adequate space between grills and dwellings. Finally, said Regenye, “It is vitally important for people to remember to stay hydrated as we enter the warmer months to prevent significant health problems associated with dehydration which often come as a surprise for those enjoying the great outdoors.” “As the Ocean County Health Department also manages two busy animal shelters, people are also reminded to provide plenty of water for pets as well as the weather turns hot,” concluded Regenye.

Director of Administration and Program Development, Brian E. Rumpf, reminds residents to check out the new Ocean County Health Department website at for additional information on summer healthy living tips as well as prevention of illness from overexposure to the harmful rays of the sun. Rumpf remarked that “The Ocean County Health Department collectively joins together in remembering those veterans who made the ultimate sacrifice to enable us to enjoy a healthy summer in beautiful Ocean County.” “As residents and visitors enjoy all Ocean County has to offer, rest assured that all employees of the Health Department will remain ever vigilant to protect public health throughout the summer and beyond,” concluded Rumpf.