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Ocean County Community Health Needs Assessment 2022

Public Health Practice Standards requires all county health departments to assess the health and well-being of their populations every four years. Through a process inclusive of Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships (MAPP) in coordination with the Community Health Needs Assessment (CHNA), the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) is created and implemented by our stakeholder partners. Primary hallmarks of any CHIP initiative are that results are measurable and that the process is completely inclusive and transparent. To that end, we are very proud of our Community Health Improvement Plan and our residents that it serves.

As New Jersey loses population in the aggregate year over year, Ocean County continues to grow. Growth and expansion require a focus on services and service capacity. With an approximate census of over 627,000 residents and nearly one-third of that population over age 60, Ocean County is as diverse demographically as it is geographically. This diversity requires specialization and attention to specific needs that address the Social Determinants of Health, access to care and geriatric needs as well. As a policymaker and a stakeholder, your responses will shape the direction and focus of healthcare, prevention, policy and service delivery all across Ocean County for years to come.


See: Mobilizing for Action Through Planning and Parnterships (MAPP) , Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey (BRFSS)

The Community Health Planning unit of the Ocean County Health Department assesses current health data and needs of county residents through data gathering and by partnering with various healthcare agencies in the county. The Community Health Planning Unit works with county partners of the Partnership for a Healthier Ocean County Group in gathering health statistics, health trends and in providing health data to county stakeholders and residents.

Numerous health indicators are collected including data in morbidity and mortality serving as a resource for residents and community-based organizations to obtain health status data on the county.

Community Health Planning is responsible for performing the Community Health Needs Assessment, and in developing the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP), a strategic plan by using the CDC MAPP (Mobilizing for Action through Planning and Partnerships) process.


Patricia High, Assistant Public Health Coordinator
732.341.9700, ext. 7501,
Samantha Foster-Tiso, Quality Assurance Coordinator
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The Health Education Unit coordinates a wide array of community activities, public health, and educational programs. Programs include public presentations, health fairs, professional development and/or continuing education via webcast or teleconference and distribution of health literature.
Educational sessions are provided to the general public, school classes, and any groups requesting a presentation. The strategic efforts of Health Education have fostered communications between the Ocean County Health Department and diverse community partners including, but not limited to, community organizations, faith-based institutions, county hospitals, local agencies, schools, and consortiums that enables the Health Department to better pinpoint areas of need and to address them in a collaborative manner.

School-Based Health Education
    Through the collaboration with OCHD and the Ocean County School System we are excited to announce a new and innovative program, the Student Health Ambassador Program. Student Health Ambassador's will learn through exciting engagement with visual and hands on activities that encompass the following primary public health topics targeted towards their grade-level:

    1. Alcohol and Drug Education

    2. Chronic Health Conditions

    3. Communicable Diseases

    4. Environmental Health

    5. Maternal and Child Health

    While the OCHD is committed in our efforts to providing accessible and diverse health services to Ocean County’s children and adolescents with innovative and evidence-based programming, we realize that our services may not reflect all of the needs they may have. The Adolescent Resource Guide outlines diverse, local resources to help you and the children and adolescents you serve respond to specific health and social issues.
Community-Based Programs:
    The OCHD provides a combination of innovative and evidence-based programming for the residents of Ocean County. The following public health topics and services are included:

    1. Community Outreach- provides education, brochures, and giveaways at local health fairs.

    2. Innovative Community Programming- medication management, diabetes education, fall prevention, hepatitis C education for behavioral health facilities, tuberculosis education for sub-acute and long term care facilities, and other tailored health programming as requested.

    3. Emerging Health Topics- in depth education and discussions of emerging and relevant public health topics (Example: H1N1, Zika, integrated summer safety- sun, pool, mosquito and tick-borne illness).

    4. Senior Health Ambassador Program- The Health Education Division is excited to announce a new and innovative program, the Senior Health Ambassador Program. Programming we currently have available includes: medication management, diabetes education, fall prevention, and an evidence-based "Chronic Disease Self Management Program". We are excited to announce that we will be expanding our evidence-based programming to include the "Diabetes Self Management Program (DSMP)", and "Wellness Initiative for Senior Education (WISE)"!

Professional Development and Continuing Education:

The Health Department is a host site for Distance Learning through the New Jersey Learning Management Network (NJLMN), which is a great resource for public health workforce development, training and certification.

One way to obtain credits or continuing professional development is by viewing a program broadcast via satellite or webcast at the Ocean County Health Department. If you cannot attend the program, the Health Department records all satellite programs to DVD and keeps them in a DVD Lending Library. All satellite programs that offer Continuing Education Credits (CEU’s) provide 30 days to view the program and obtain your credits. This enables you to view the program at your convenience and its FREE of charge.

To view upcoming programs, please visit and click “Course Catalog.”

If you would like to create an account to obtain CEU’s, professional development hours or view a DVD from the Lending Library, please contact our Health Education Division at 732-341-9700, ext. 7234 or at

All programs are hosted at the Ocean County Health Department in Toms River.