Animal Shelters and Adoptions


Brian Lippai, Manager, Animal Facilities, ext. 7735,
The Ocean County Health Department operates two animal facilities. The Ocean County Animal Facilities provide temporary housing for dogs and cats and maintain a 24-hour receiving service for stray animals that are brought in by Municipal Animal Control Officers. Features of the shelters include indoor/outdoor dog runs, cat rooms, isolation areas and surgical facilities.

Animals are available for adoption at a fee that includes examination by a veterinarian, vaccinations and micro-chipping. Spaying/neutering is also done at no extra charge. Both facilities are open to the public daily (except holidays) from 1- 4 p.m. and Wednesday from 1 – 6:30 p.m.

Free rabies vaccinations are also available to the public for dogs and cats at either facility. For an appointment or more information, please call the Northern Ocean Animal Facility at (732) 657-8086 or the Southern Facility at (609) 978-0127.

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Please Be Advised

While all of the pets displayed below are pets coming through our animal shelters, they may not all still be available for adoption. We encourage you to contact our northern and southern animal facilities for more information.


  • Primo is a friendly boy, who can be a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly.  He enjoys going on walks, and loves to just […]
  • Chip is the sweetest boy!  He loves to snuggle, and will cuddle up right on your lap.  The second you start petting him he begins to […]
  • Catalynn is a beautiful and sweet girl. She adores attention, and loves to be pet and brushed. Catalynn is very social and will come right up […]
  • Showgun is a very sweet and calm boy. He walks nicely on a leash, and always just wants to be by your side. He has lived […]
  • Bijou is a friendly and happy girl!  She has a lot of energy, and loves to play fetch.  Bijou would benefit from more training and socialization, […]
  • Zeus is a friendly and playful boy. He listens well, knows several commands, and loves to play fetch! He would do best in a home with […]
  • Duchess is a friendly and sweet girl, but she can be a bit shy at first. She needs a family that will give her the time […]
  • Cassie is a beautiful and fun little girl! She has a lot of kitten energy, and enjoys chasing any toys that move across the floor.  She […]
  • June Bug is a friendly and social girl! She loves people, and wants a lot of attention! June Bug is super affectionate, knows several commands, including: […]
  • River is a sweet and playful little guy! He and his siblings were born at our facility, and are finally ready for their forever homes! River […]
  • Samantha is an easy going, calm girl. She loves to relax and look out the windows in a sunbeam, but loves to play with toys too! […]
  • Ripley is a sweet and social girl. She enjoys being outside, and loves to go on walks! Ripley gets along well with other dogs, but needs […]
  • Rosie is a calm and sweet girl. She can be a little shy at first, but will warm up when given some time to adjust. She […]
  • Maga is a friendly boy who enjoys attention. He loves to go for walks, and enjoys playing with toys too. Maga has lived with other dogs […]
  • Sun-Kissed is a beautiful and sweet kitty.  She is super sweet, and loves to be cuddled!  She would make a wonderful lap cat and companion!  Sun-Kissed […]
  • Drexel is a sweet and playful kitten with a lot of energy!  He loves to scamper around the room chasing toys with the other kittens!  He […]
  • Jerry is a sweetie that loves to be held and cuddled. He enjoys playing with toys, and  loves to chase the laser light!  Jerry would make […]
  • Fred is a friendly boy, who can be a bit shy at first.  He would benefit from more training and socialization, and would make a nice […]
  • Chips is a sweet and adorable little girl!  She is playful, and has a lot of energy, but also loves to cuddle too!  Her sister, Salsa, […]