Making Sure Swimming Water is Clean

May 21, 2018
June is Men’s Health Month
June 12, 2018

Ocean County Freeholder Director and Ocean County Board of Health Liaison Gerry P. Little is pleased to remind all Ocean County residents and visitors that the Ocean County Health Department’s water sampling program is in full swing. “Each year the Ocean County Health Department has a full team of water samplers who visit 72 recreational swimming beaches on the ocean, bay and rivers and lakes throughout the county to take samples of water for testing to the lab located at the Ocean County Utilities Authority facility in Bayville,” according to Freeholder Director Little. The test results are compiled and sent to the State lab for review and publication. “Results for each testing site may be viewed on the website of the Ocean County Health Department, at, providing full transparency and up to date information,” according to Daniel E. Regenye, Public Health Coordinator for the Ocean County Health Department.

Freeholder Director Little expressed the importance of the County Health Department’s water sampling program stating: “The residents of Ocean County and all our visitors should be aware that we are vigorous in ensuring that our swimming beaches are clean and safe.” “Reports of beach closures elsewhere in the State naturally raise concern but Ocean County has for many years tested our swimming areas throughout the County continuously from before Memorial Day weekend to after Labor Day weekend so our residents and visitors can feel safe going into the water,” added Freeholder Director Little. Freeholder Joseph Vicari, liaison to tourism in Ocean County, expressed the importance of water sampling and publication of results: “Visitors to our many fine beaches and recreational areas deserve to know that Ocean County has a history of monitoring all our swimming areas for water safety and we are rigorous in insuring that our swimming areas are clean and safe.”

Public Health Coordinator Regenye explained that excessive rainfall does have the ability to impact water quality due to the natural runoff of water into some of the more local lakes and rivers and if testing results ever show less than acceptable results, such a swimming area would be temporarily closed for swimming and testing will continue daily until results demonstrate water quality safe for swimmers. “Public Health requires that we are vigilant in our efforts to make sure the public is protected by knowing that the water is safe before people jump in,” explained Regenye. “Last year over 450 inspections were conducted throughout Ocean County to insure safe swimming can be enjoyed by all residents and visitors,” added Regenye. “We are fortunate to have some of the best beaches and recreational swimming areas right here in Ocean County and we will remain vigilant and committed to protecting this natural treasure by continuously testing and monitoring throughout the summer,” concluded Freeholder Director Little.”


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