Health Alert Network

The HAN is a nationwide communication, information, and training system designed to support the linkages between federal, state, county, and local partner’s public health in response to public health events utilizing various communications methods.

LINCS is our no-cost statewide public health emergency e-mail notification system that links together all partnering agencies to protect communities from situations such as man-made and naturally occurring disasters.

This is available to county agencies, private-sector businesses, school districts and all health care professionals, and other first responders. The system provides accurate public health information from the New Jersey Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Local Health Departments, and other reliable sources that support state and local public health emergency preparedness and response efforts.

Please send completed Enrollment Form to Mike Prifold at

Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) Program

The Ocean County Health Department’s Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) is a volunteer program is designed to identify and register county residents who are willing to assist during a public health emergency. The program consists of both healthcare professionals (physicians, nurses, EMTs) and community volunteers with a focus on assisting at a distribution site (medicines) or medical needs shelter. Online/in-person trainings, seminars and exercises are offered/occur throughout the year.

Interested in Joining the MRC? Visit and follow the instructions to register for our MRC program. Please reach out to Mike Prifold If you would like to speak to someone regarding the MRC program.

Becoming a Fixed Facility in Ocean County

There are two methods of delivering medications. The first is known as an Open POD (Point of Distribution). This method calls for the public come to the site to receive their medications. These sites are “open” to the public and meant to serve all county residents. The other method is known as a Closed POD or Fixed Facility. This method consists of directly supplying or giving medications to pre-identified agencies (fixed facilities) enrolled in the program. A designated representative will pick up the medications required to prophylaxis their populations.

Please click here for more information and kindly contact Brian Albers for specifics on how to enroll.